Can Reduslim help your Metabolism?


Losing weight sustainably and healthily is the goal of many people. To do this, it is important to boost your metabolism as efficiently as possible. With a good lifestyle, your metabolism can be stimulated and can lose more fat. Here are some important factors that inhibit it and thus prevent the pounds from melting away.

Metabolism is the process by which the body converts food into energy in the cells. In most cases, it is determined by one’s predisposition, but can also be influenced by lifestyle. To lose weight, the metabolism must produce more energy than it consumes in food. Indeed, if the food intake does not meet the energy needs of the body, the reserves are depleted, i.e. the fat deposits that the body has stored for difficult periods.

4 habits that slow down weight loss

If the pounds just won’t go away, it may be because of the four habits we detail below, as they clearly slow down the efficiency of the metabolism.

Radical diet

If you abstain from eating daily and drink only juice and water, you are putting the body in a state of emergency. In this state of emergency, the body slows down the metabolism and generates less energy. This is a defense mechanism of the body to live as long as possible on existing reserves and not to starve. This makes one feel weaker because of the lack of energy. In addition, efforts to lose weight are slowed down because, despite the diet, no weight is lost. Moreover, when the radical dieting is stopped, a yo-yo effect occurs, since the body is still in economy mode and therefore food is stored again.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep has a negative effect on the metabolism. Even during sleep, the metabolism continues and can even be controlled in some places. We invite you to read the article “Lose weight while you sleep” (Read also) ==> http://www. In addition to influencing calorie burning, it is important to get enough sleep to reduce stress levels. In addition, the release of testosterone, which is important in both women and men to burn fat, is reduced by lack of sleep. Another indirect consequence of lack of sleep is that we feel more tired during the day and therefore tend to move less, which leads to lower energy consumption and slows down the metabolism – a vicious circle…

Lack of movement

Too little exercise is the most important factor for the metabolism, as muscles are our largest metabolic organ. In order to stimulate the burning of energy in the muscle cells, movement is particularly important because it also enhances the elimination of calories beyond the active phase. The body also generates more energy during the active time in order to get enough power in the future. It doesn’t even have to be sport; it’s good to walk short distances instead of taking the elevator or to get off at the station one stop early to go home. Just 15 to 20 minutes of walking increases calorie consumption in a sustainable way and keeps the musculoskeletal system mobile, which also reduces physical discomfort.

Eating Habits

Sugary snacks are the perfect solution to not losing weight because carbohydrates raise blood sugar levels. It is true that “long-chain” carbohydrates cause a slow increase in sugar. But with “short-chain” carbohydrates, mainly sweets and sweetened drinks, the blood sugar level rises very quickly. This damages the metabolism, because the body’s insulin generously transfers the carbohydrates to store them in the fat cells. In addition, the body is only forced to break down fat cells if it has no other source of energy (food) available at the time. So if you are constantly providing it with new energy in the form of a sweet snack, it doesn’t need to attack the fat deposits. In conclusion, foods or vegetables containing protein are therefore recommended. For example, watermelon contains very few calories, as does cucumber. Even fruits such as grapes or strawberries are suitable for snacks, as they are filling and, despite their delicious taste, contain few calories.

What about Reduslim?

Reduslim is a dietary supplement whose objective is to promote weight loss. It acts as a fat burner, increasing the metabolism and inducing hyporexia, that is to say a partial loss of appetite.

Reduslim Reviews

The core of the formula is based on reducing the body’s dependence on carbohydrates. By doing so, it would be possible to lose weight to the same extent as by following a ketogenic diet.

It is a diet based not on carbohydrates but on fat. The consequence of this diet is ketosis, i.e. the use of fats by the body to produce energy.

Increases fat burning
Particularly effective with lots of activity
Targeted weight loss formula
No yo-yo effect

Not available worldwide
Not easy to find

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