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Sibiu is a Romanian city where, before the Second World War, the majority of the population was German. It was the cultural centre of the Transylvanian Saxons – immigrants from German lands who moved here in the 13th century. In Sibiu, the Germans built one of the seven fortified castles, part of the so-called Seven Citadels. The immigrants called the city of Sibiu Hermannstadt. The city has preserved many architectural monuments. The historical centre consists of the Upper and Lower Towns.

Most of the interesting buildings are concentrated in the upper part, which is situated around three squares. The heart of the Upper Town is the Plaza Grande, which houses a striking Baroque architectural ensemble. It is worth visiting two other squares – the Piața Mică and Piața Huet, strolling along the pedestrian Nicolae Bălcescu Street, visiting the main temples of the city and the Brukenthal Museum.

Fall under the spell of Sibiu, its old town and its flourishing culture renowned throughout Romania. Preserved by the wars and by the urban planning of the Ceaușescu era, the city has maintained a rich heritage of Gothic and Renaissance monuments. Built by the Romans, Sibiu has forged a unique identity over the centuries. Walking through its streets, you will discover particularly well-preserved Orthodox churches and cathedrals.

The city was named European Capital of Culture in 2007 and since then, many events celebrating Sibiu’s Germanic, Hungarian and Romanian heritage have helped build its new personality. Many renovations have made the city attractive.

Sibiu has always been a locomotive for Romania. The city distinguished itself by opening the first hospital in the country in 1212, the first pharmacy in 1494 and the first power station at the end of the 19th century. And if the city has managed to preserve its beautiful architecture and enhance its past, its countryside is also worth exploring.

5 reasons to visit Sibiu:

1. Transylvania
The city of Sibiu is located in Transylvania. While the region is world famous for the invented character of Dracula, it is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty.

2. A beautiful old town
Sibiu has one of the most picturesque old towns in Romania. It is distinguished by the medieval charm of its many buildings.

3. A museum under the stars
Sibiu is home to many museums, including the ASTRA National Museum, the largest open-air exhibition space in Europe. This large park presents the popular traditions and the richness of the rural world of the region.

4. Romanian craftsmanship
Sibiu’s strong personality has been built on its arts and crafts. Many shops sell unique handicrafts, typical of the country’s traditions.

5. Great restaurants
Gourmets will be delighted by the local specialities offered by Sibiu’s restaurants. Your stay will give you the opportunity to taste a traditional cuisine unique in Eastern Europe.

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