Where to buy Reduslim in Cluj Napoca?

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Cluj Napoca, in the heart of Romanian Transylvania, is a historical city, founded by the Romans, a city in the middle of a generous nature.

It has a long history: in the early 2nd century AD, the Romans built a fort on the city site to house their legion, which was called Napoca. After its destruction, the new town was founded in 1213 and Transylvania fell back to the Hungarians. They renamed the city Kolozsvar, and after Hungary became part of the Habsburg Empire, it became Klausenburg.

In Cluj-Napoca, you should see the architectural ensemble of the main square of the city of Unity, which houses the famous Gothic church of St. Michael from the 14th-15th centuries, a monument to the Hungarian king Matthias Corvin, the Pharmacy Museum in the building of the oldest pharmacy in the city, founded in 1573. It is interesting to visit the National Art Museum, aka the Baroque Banffy Palace, and to explore the panorama of the city from the fortress.

Nature is one of the reasons why it is interesting to visit Cluj-Napoca. But the city itself has many places of interest and places to discover during an unforgettable stay. Certainly, Transylvania is not the destination highlighted by all travel agencies, but it has a lot to offer, especially to history lovers, students and nature lovers.

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